9 New Sixes! All At Once!

An Announcement from Six Sentences

Hi! Thanks a lot for visiting the site! Quick FYI: Robert McEvily will be offline until Thursday the 26th. Therefore, nine sixes have been published all at once! So grab your favorite beverage, get cozy, browse the site, and be sure to check out all the recent work. If you love 6S, you’ll love Quin’s If Only She Knew, Jack Swenson’s Tornado, Jennifer Gravley’s Los Angeles, Neil Fox’s Hello Miss, Mr. Schiavo’s Friendship Brings Enjoyment, Joseph Varvara’s Graduation Photo, Madam Z’s Felling Time, Kristen Tsetsi’s Killing People is an Art, he said, and Daniel S. Irwin’s Night Passage. Enjoy!


Six Sentences likes Cute Little Waitresses.


Quin said...

send postcards.

madam z said...

Rob, I hope you have an enjoyable, relaxing (if that's what you like) vacation. You have earned it!

golfwidow said...

Thank you for giving us this site. I like these writers a lot.

Teresa said...

Your new video is great! Very funny juxtaposition of photos and words.

Quin said...

i do enjoy. i sit and find myself writing and then coming here and reading every piece of work..i try and giving every author the great respect they deserve by leaving a comment.

rob deserves the most praise, because he takes the garble i send, and edits it down and i look at it and go, wow, i sound good..

and he gives me great pencils.

Madame Goodrich said...

Kimi Goodrich wants to thank all of those who share their sixes and raise the bar on self expression. She would like to thank Rob especially for giving us an exciting outlet to meet kindred peeps, and for sharing his own brilliancy in the process. Rock on witcha badselves!

Ah ha ROB!!! You edited this bio and I am posting it here.

Cute Little Waitresses is the whole reason why I even found this site!!