Hello Miss

by Neil Fox

She looked a little like Rachel Hunter, only slimmer. He tried to catch a look at her calves without getting caught; her skirt rested just above her knees and she seemed engrossed in her newspaper, but he didn’t stare. He figured most men would be trying to peek up her skirt right now, or at least imagine what was at the end of her wonderful thigh’s journey but it was the calves of a woman that fascinated him and this was his mission. Her high-heeled feet were firmly planted on the floor meaning her shapely calves were in their prime mode but he couldn’t make out the nuances and definition from the angle he was sat. Lightly tanned and erotically smooth he knew he would be on this train as long as they were, and that when they left, the moment this beautiful woman stood up his bag would spill and he would be on his knees to steal the precious glance his heart desired. The entire time he was plotting his moment he failed to realize the woman was frequently trying to catch his eye.


Neil Fox writes, DJs, produces films, organizes film festivals, stage plays and music events, all in the much derided and equally much misunderstood town of Luton. A friend of his once called him a Cultural Saboteur.