Friendship Brings Enjoyment

by Mr. Schiavo

May I have your attention please. Thank you. Now I understand that many of you have been friends from way back. Friendship brings enjoyment. Enjoyment brings loudness. I would like you to turn down the VOLUME on the LOUDNESS in the LUNCHROOM.


Mr. Schiavo, who spoke these words in May of 1982, was the Principal of Belhaven Avenue School in Linwood, New Jersey. He is quoted by Barry Corrigan, brother of Dawn Corrigan, who was Third Runner-Up in our First Contest.


Quin said...

are you sure he didn't have a sister who was a nun at my old boarding school?

golfwidow said...

Mr. Schiavo, I wish you would just take a couple of Excedrin and let us enjoy our friendship as loudly as we want, because all too soon it will be drowned out by the cacophanies of our adult lives.

I'm betting Barry Corrigan remembers your words better than he remembers everyone who was at his lunch table that day in '82.

They were good words, I don't deny that, but it shouldn't be that way.

Margery said...

Oratorical genius!