Views with a Room

by David Gianatasio

There are many windows in my room. Well, not "windows," exactly; they're photographic prints of windows. Each shows an enlarged portion of my face: a wisp of hair... stubbly chin... tear-smeared cheek... hesitant smile. Through the photograph-door, footless socks and empty shoes race down golden steps to a rain-streaked street beyond. One day each year, I never know when, all the window-pictures show your unhappy eyes from different perspectives. The next time I see the components of my face, they will be blurred and less distinct, eyelids several centimeters closer to shut.


David Gianatasio's first book of fiction and commentary, Swift Kicks, was published last year by So New Publishing. He's the author of Wartime in Reverse.


golfwidow said...

This is suggesting something different to me every time I reread it. I suspect I'm missing your intended point, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Quin said...

i've looked at it from both sides now. up and down, and still somehow.. sometimes, you put yourself out there.

madam z said...

So sad! I think it's time for some real windows. Let the sun shine in.

Anonymous said...

very cool.