The Biggest Reward

by G.M. Hakim

"What are you doing, he'll be here any second!" I hissed. "Do you enjoy living with the same oppression every day, no variation - don't you want to live for once?" Jerry asked. I froze in place, not knowing whether to stay for what would be the biggest reward of my life, or to bolt in fear of being caught by the master. In my indecision, I heard a metallic jangle, and the low grumble of the key snaking its way into position inside the lock. "We're dead, we're dead, get out of there!" I screamed. Jerry, seemingly oblivious to the imminent danger, stretched up even further on his hind legs, knocked the lid from the cookie jar, and stuffed his face inside.


G.M. Hakim, author of Life in the Cell, is a middle school English, Journalism, and Drama teacher who is starting to find time to write again. Inspired by Six Sentences, he started two blogs in 2008: Five Word Monologues and If A, Then B.