Lies & Fidelity

by liesRobvious

She thinks that by keeping the truth about her infidelity from me that she is being nice. Who ever said "What he doesn't know wont hurt him" obviously never had the tables turned on themselves. It starts out as suspicion, which you attempt to write off as just a weak moment due to an abstract coincidence of a work related friendship. Then she starts to buy and hide new sexy underwear that I am not privy to; and primps more than usual especially on the nights that she knows for sure she will see him; which seems to be getting more frequent. She lies about when he is around, or conveniently leaves out that he showed up on an off night to see her, and how the nights he is supposed to be there turn into very late nights when she was supposed to be somewhere else. I want to believe the lies due to our years together, but the truth is I do not believe her Fidelity is intact, and I deserve an answer as to why she would throw away our family for a man who knows she has a family in the first place!


liesRobvious is a tormented soul who needs questions answered for reasons of sanity.