by Delia J. Fry

I tire of the words in my head that I cannot verbalize openly. To quench the need, I write of my love with black ink on precious parchment. Then I watch the gleaming ripples of water as the bottle sails off to find you. Desperately, I will the sea's currents to make a path straight to you. Do I dare to command all things heavenly to be perfectly aligned to help the sea? Yes, for my destiny rides with every wave.


Delia J. Fry, author of I Can, lives in O'Fallon, Missouri. She is an artist and poet, and plays the Clarinet and Eb Alto Saxophone with the O'Fallon Community Concert Band and the O'Fallon Jazz Band. Some of her poems have been published in local Missouri newspapers such as The Community News and The Scoop. Her poem "The Master" was a Notable Entry in the Saturday Writer’s One Page Poem Contest.