Here's the Plan:

by Madam Z

I’m going to start a new government, of which I will be the Absolute (but benevolent) Dictator. The first thing I’ll do is throw out the entire Internal Revenue Code and replace it with two one-page, double-spaced sets of rules, one for individuals (flat tax, with hefty personal exemptions, but no deductions) and one for business (details to be worked out later, but with no feedback from anyone but maybe Alan Greenspan). The next thing I’ll do is impose, by dictatorial fiat, term limits for all members of the Senate and House of Representatives and, while I’m at it, make the scoundrels take a pledge of fiscal responsibility, which means no deficit spending. Next, I will ban all bribe-carrying lobbyists from contacting any members of Congress and encourage the citizens of the country to make their wishes known in a non-compensatory manner. Then, I will round up as many certified geniuses as I can find, from all over the world, to dream up a plan for World Peace, giving them two years to complete it, and they must convince me of its plausibility. And finally, I will get our asses out of Iraq!


Madam Z, author of Felling Time, is confident she could do a better job than the Current Occupant or any of the Current Candidates. (And who can doubt Madam Z?) Do yourself a favor and check out her blog.