Sistine Chapel

by Ellen "EJ" Sackett

Attenzione! Silenzioso! Clap! Clap! Silenzioso! The command to "keep quiet" barked repeatedly in English and Italian through the crackling loudspeaker, drowning out the gentle murmur of every language combined, as the shuffling, endless line of tourists craned their necks up with sweat dripping down, immersed in the sanctity of Michelangelo's masterpiece.


Ellen "EJ" Sackett, creator of The "IT'S FOUR O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE" Club, writes "The World Around Us" for As We Are Magazine and "At Home with Ellen" for HOME. She wanted to be Oprah when she grew up, but since that job was taken, she decided to become a concert harpist instead. After a life of world travel, center stage, and harp schlepping, EJ is happiest at home, creating on her laptop. In Flames was her entry in the first 6S contest. Get to know Ellen better by visiting her website, or email her.