Most Disgust

by Sondra Harris

I find this new feature on the Six Sentences website, listing the "most discussed" posts, a bit elitist and demeaning. I worked hard on each piece I've ever submitted, because I am only a lowly blogger trying to become a better writer. My efforts have now become trivialized in comparison with other submissions that receive more comments. I don't deny these pieces are well-written and presented, but sometimes the reason they're "most discussed" has less to do with how good the work is than with the fact that its content is confrontational (to the point of being insulting), that the author responds to each comment, thus doubling the total, or that it was contributed by a celebrity. I used to glean some validation from the few constructively critical and occasional positive comments I would receive from a reader for one of my stories, but I guess we can't put as much stock into quality versus quantity anymore. And discuss... or not.


Sondra Harris is the author of Quest and the book Getting My Think On. More of her work may be found at her website. She's sufficiently immature, needy, and whiny, and has pretty much decided just to take her dollies and go home.