I Can

by Delia J. Fry

Can I say it all in six sentences? All the dreams, hopes, deadlines that have been given to me? Absolutely. Nothing can stop my spirit from thriving, surviving and burning brightly from my center. Some have tried and have almost succeeded, and I have suffered for it, but my dauntless spirit, though at times a little worn, has continued to blaze a path for me to follow no matter what. The spirit is formidable and has constantly and sometimes anonymously inspired many to carry on with any challenge that they may face without even knowing what it is that prods them to strive to survive; the individual life experiences that one must go through to get to this knowledge, though hard, are invaluable.


Delia J. Fry lives in O'Fallon, Missouri. She is an artist and poet, and plays the Clarinet and Eb Alto Saxophone with the O'Fallon Community Concert Band and the O'Fallon Jazz Band. Some of her poems have been published in local Missouri newspapers such as The Community News and The Scoop. Her poem "The Master" was a Notable Entry in the Saturday Writer’s One Page Poem Contest.

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stanley said...

Well done Delia.