by Mike Hickman

He’s told you about the telepathy. He’s told you there should be no reason to ask him why, even if your badge and uniform and gun give you the right. If you can’t read him, then no amount of asking will get you the answer you need. If he can’t read you, then there’s surely nothing there that would benefit from an answer. Which makes you like all the others. Which is appropriate, because you’ll so very soon be joining them.


Mike Hickman - sometimes Doctor, always writer - is from York, England. He has written for Off the Rock Productions (stage and audio), including a 2018 play about Groucho Marx and Erin Fleming. With lockdown sending his writing and submissions into overdrive, since 2020 he has been published in Agapanthus (Best of the Net nominated), EllipsisZine, the Bitchin’ Kitsch, the Cabinet of Heed, the Potato Soup Journal, and Red Fez. He is a regular contributor to the Daily Drunk, and tweets here.