One Day, There Will Be Summer

by Marzia Rahman

“You will soon be released,” the doctor says, grinning. I wanted to tell him it was a mistake, not a sin, to give in to the temptations. To treat death as a lover who left me with scars and a handful of stupid poems only. Has it been a year, or eleven months, living amongst strangers whose minds are like zigzag puzzles and Van Gogh’s starry night? My mind is clear; I don’t wake up in the middle of the night, screaming the names of past boyfriends, a broken marriage. What I will do now is pack my thoughts, climb the mountains and wait for summer!


Marzia Rahman is a fiction writer and translator based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her flashes and translations have appeared in 101 Words, Postcard Shorts, Five of the Fifth, The Voices Project, Fewerthan500.com, Dribble Drabble Review, Paragraph Planet, Writing Places Anthology UK and The Book of Dhaka (Comma Press, UK). In 2018, her novella-in-flash ‘Life on the Edges’ was shortlisted for the Bath Novella in Flash Award Competition. She is currently working on a Novella in Flash. She is also an artist.