Side Effect

by Robert Clay

I built the device with the best of intentions, after all, what better motive could you have than to save the world, the human race and all the other species that live here. The details are complex, but the principle is simple enough, the device uses the Moon as an antenna, scans for artificial power sources that emit carbon dioxide and when found, wraps them in a compressed bubble of time and space dilation, in effect, shoves them off into some other universe. I know that seems drastic, but we need drastic, we're just going to have to get by using less energy, sorry folks, but that's the decision I've made. Unfortunately there has been a side-effect, because right now it is mid-day, and the sky is clear, it is also black, I can see the stars. The sun has vanished, I'm not really sure why, it doesn't emit carbon dioxide and it is not artificial as far as I know, but I suspect it is shining right now in some other universe. One thing is for sure as I stand here watching a layer of ice form over everything in sight... global warming is no longer a problem.


Robert Clay is a Seafarer now stranded on land. He lives in Cornwall in the UK.