The Forest

by Pamela Wanderley

Aimee knew all too well the rumors about the cursed forest nestled outside of town that swallowed up anyone that dared get too close. If you go in after midnight, the kids in her neighborhood used to say when sharing scary stories at sleepovers, you'll get stuck wandering forever and never escape. Her friends never dared to test if the forest really was cursed, not wanting to take the chance that they would truly disappear, but as time passed and they grew older, it became a tempting endeavor for bragging rights to be able to announce that you entered the dark woods and lived to tell the tale. The desire for a thrilling adventure in their otherwise sleepy town was an intoxicating craving among her group of friends that even Aimee had to admit felt alluring. As she took step after step into the lush greenery she paid close attention to her surroundings and noted familiar landmarks to act as breadcrumbs to lead her back to safety. It wasn't until Aimee passed a familiar dying pine for the third time in the span of an hour that she knew she was lost within the forest's grasp and she wondered just how true the rumors really were.


Pamela Wanderley lives in Orlando, Florida where she enjoys writing a variety of stories and reading too many books.