Stopping the World

by Louella Lester

Lenny’s not sure where he’ll land until he’s swallowed up into the space under the airport bridge, rescued from the rain. With a dog-shake he clears the wet, lays out his sleeping bag, then opens his backpack and pulls out the small globe he found earlier in a back lane bin. It looks like the globe that once perched on Mrs Terry’s desk. If he behaved she’d let him spin and stop it with his finger. “Someday, you might visit that place, Lenny.” Now, as his sleeping space thrums with the sound of airplanes, he sets the world spinning on its axis before he settles for the night.


Louella Lester is a writer and amateur photographer in Winnipeg, Canada. Her work has appeared in Shorts, Grey Sparrow Journal, Six Sentences, New Flash Fiction, Spelk, Reflex Fiction, and other journals and anthologies. Her Flash-CNF book, Glass Bricks (At Bay Press) is just out.