Opus 131 in C# Minor, Beethoven

by Liz Davinci

Expensive speakers spill the string quartet into the sun-filled living room. Sipping strong coffee, I consider the plot that's been developing in my head - a story about my fictive brother. I want to start filming it. The music stops and the rumbling begins - a freight train storms by, shakes the house. I live in a paradox and want to capture another. Realising there are five more hours of daylight, I spontaneously swoop up my camera bag and make-up to drive to the Alps, where Steve will be waiting for me.


Liz Davinci was born and raised in California and is currently based in Munich, Germany. Her evocative vocal style has been called "haunting and beautiful;" her songwriting is an eclectic mix of her classical training and passion for folk and alternative. (Liz released her second studio album this year, "Pax Victoria;" her website is here.)