by L.R. Cooper

He silently thought to himself that she was the most gorgeous woman that he had ever seen. She seemed to glide by as if she were a wisp of smoke. The deep auburn of her long flowing hair had to be the real thing, he just knew that they couldn't capture that richness in a dye. As she passed by, glancing his way, he caught a glimpse of the clearest and lightest green eyes that he had ever seen, then with a cunning and all knowing smile she turned the corner. After what seemed an eternity but was actually mere seconds, he rose and followed a light spicy scent that reminded him of his trips to China and the vibrant fragrance filled flowers they sell in the markets there. He turned the same corner and was shocked but very thrilled to see that she was there and seemed to be waiting for him.


L.R. Cooper is a middle aged frustrated writer trying to get the creative juices back after having raised her kids to adulthood. (Six Sentences is a start with hopefully much more to come.)