The Long Drive

by Chris Burns

Upon reflection, my life had been a long, meandering car ride in which I was the passenger, staring blankly out the window at the passing scenery. I remained wholly disengaged with my surroundings, and even as the driver pointed out and explained the important landmarks we saw, they never made it past the rim of my mind. Besides a few necessary stops along the way, I mostly watched the horizon in the distance, never feeling like I was getting closer to it, or anything else, for that matter. Everyone around me, it seemed, had newer, faster cars, and traveled the highways with a sense of urgency. I watched them from the twisting, residential streets marked with the signs "25 MPH" and "Slow - Children Crossing." There's a point in which stopping to smell the roses becomes blatant delinquency, and more and more, it seems like a point I have long passed.


Chris Burns is an office drone and likes to complain about it in any way he can. This mostly involves writing about it on his blog, but he's pretty sure it's only something his friends (maybe) want to read.