A Woman’s Cycle

by Michelle Davis

Never mind the bird tracks making their way from your eyes, mouth, and nose, she tells herself with disdain. Never mind the strands of white showing in your auburn hair; no one notices those anyway. Oh, and the fact that your arms are getting shorter every time you read is no big deal either; really, some things just look better at a distance, and the blurred edges just make everything look so much softer. Why didn’t someone tell me that I would forever be trying to look a different age... in my youth, I wanted maturity... in my maturity, I want my youth... why? She sighs with the weight of all her years pulling at her as she tries to push it all back into place. Never mind the fact that she’s diminishing the beauty of what she is now just as she did 20 years ago, and in another 20 years she’ll want this back too.


Michelle Davis wonders how to break the cycle and is open to suggestions! (Click here to make a donation to Michelle, half of which will support 6S.)