On Passing Notes

by caccy46

Kim was fascinated by her math teacher's head because her hair, a light, reddish-brown, was very thin; so thin, in fact, that you could see through it and imagine what she'd look like if she were bald. Compelled to share this with her friend, Sarah, she wrote it all down in a note she folded and passed to Gianni who passed it to Todd who gave it to Sarah. Before Sarah had a chance to open the note, Mrs. Meninger walked to Sarah's desk and asked for the note "so the entire class could find out what Kim felt was so important it couldn't wait until after class." She unfolded the little piece of white paper and read aloud, "Sarah, Mrs. Meninger's hair is so thin that you can see right through it - can you imagine how much uglier she would be if she were bald?" Mrs. Meninger walked to the front of the silently stunned classroom and resumed her math lesson. Kim, whose face was hidden in her arms atop her desk, slowly lifted her head and saw the tears in Mrs. Meninger's eyes.


caccy46, whose full catalog is here, is a mother of two who's been married for 32 years.