Finding Truth in Reflection

by Stephanie Burton

Last night, I beckoned him, positioned him behind me with his hands low on my hips. I turned my head up to him and whispered very softly, "This is how we'll do it." I let him slide three fingers under the waistband of my shorts and used my palm to turn his face towards the wall. "Can you see us?" I asked him, feeling the full weight of our silence and breath as we watched our reflection in the mirror. "I love this part right here," he said finally, running a finger up ridge of my stomach. "You're beautiful."


Stephanie Burton, author of Otherwise, What's the Point?, currently resides in New York City with two fabulous roommates who politely deal with her assortment of male suitors. You can read more about the sagas of Stephanie's love life (and other adventures) at Spread Eagle in NYC.