by Don Pizarro

You'd never know Gerry was into weekend swap meets unless you saw him drive off to one wearing his "lucky craphound fatigues" (a faded Pabst Blue Ribbon t-shirt and jeans), with the "Theme from SHAFT'S BIG SCORE!" in the CD player. Likewise, Lulu, who he'd brought home from a swap meet, never would have guessed Gerry was really a well-off, sophisticated guy who could get pretty much anything he wanted brand new. It took her some time to adjust to his neighborhood, but she seemed happy. They both did for some years, bargain-hunting together even on weekdays and accumulating more and more stuff until it started spilling out onto their lawn, ticking off the block association. One weekend, Gerry came home by himself. Apparently she found a better deal, leaving him alone and hip-deep in crap, to count the cost of everything he'd traded for her.


Don Pizarro, author of An American Memoir, lives in upstate NY. His writing has appeared online at McSweeney's, American Nerd, and Byzarium.