by Abha Iyengar

When it's a choice between getting down on each other or getting down to business, business is where it's at. Money is what matters. Love and sex one can survive without, he says, but the hunger of the stomach is what will not let you be. So let's discuss the rupee and the paisa, and then get on to other things. I stop the thumping of my heart, command the wetness of my thighs to dry, and comply. Business as usual.


Abha Iyengar is a writer, poet, script writer and amateur photographer. Her writing has been published in several Chicken Soup series, Gowanus Books, Insolent Rudder, Arabesques Review, Kritya, Citizen 32, Breakaway Books, Dead Drunk Dublin, Nothing But Red, and other literary journals. Her website is here.