Selective Blindness

by J.S. Reynolds

It came at him like a banshee screaming from the darkness, but because he was deaf and blind, he never saw it coming. His inability to see and hear, to render things invisible and inert when he chose to, centered primarily on his wife, Judy. Since the second year of their 15-year marriage, she had increasingly become the focus of his inattention. Up to now he had found it an advantage to be able to turn a blind eye or deaf ear to those aspects of their marriage with which he preferred not to deal. Now, for the first time, he discovered the downside of his carefully crafted talent. With the last of his lifeblood soaking into the living room carpet, the thought occurred to him: If only I had paid more attention to her, I might have seen it coming.


J.S. Reynolds, a technical documentation writer for over 20 years, enjoys writing short stories in his spare time. His preferred genres are sci-fi, horror, mystery, and tales of wonder.


alan said...

Very cool.

Leatherdykeuk said...

We count on it, this temptation of men to go about their business, ignoring us.

*winks* Good 6!

Joe said...

Great story from beginning to end. And what a great ending it was, even though as a fellow male, I must admit, I didn't see or hear it coming, either!

Harry said...

"she had increasingly become the focus of his inattention" That is a champion turn of phrase in a great six.

Catherine said...

Real life in six! Nice job!

margery said...

interesting ideas, well-expressed.