Real Life

by Jodi MacArthur

"In real life, Steve, people, like, really live their lives, and there are no twists and turns in the plot." Renee flipped her blonde hair away from her face. "Books are fake, and I'm not some character in those stupid stories you write. Those words you write, can't hold any truth, because in the end, I can burn that book and it all would be gone, but the words I'm speaking now are immortal - you can't burn them." Steve nodded his head, "But I can forget them." He penciled in his notebook, smiling, as she stomped away, her stilettos clicking on the sidewalk.


Jodi MacArthur, exiled in deep southern Texas, is a Seattle author hoping to write her way back to the Pacific Northwest. In her spare time, she twitters at her beloved finches, Edgar and Emily, and drinks coffee - but never at the same time. She is the author of Zombie.