Alone in the Snow

by Sean Kennedy

It’s cold out here, standing in the dimly lit street with the gentle flakes of snow dancing around me. My whole body has gone numb, but it’s worth every icy second. I can see that old lady, the one who always comes into the shop around this time, buying another box of truffle delights; she must have a sweet tooth. What is it she says to you that always makes you smile like that? Seeing you that happy, on the other side of the road, warm and safe behind the shop window, always makes my heart flutter. If only I had the courage to walk in there and say hello; rather than standing out here like a lost soul in a frozen picture, dreaming endlessly of a love that doesn’t exist.


Sean Kennedy, who recently won the 6S Halloween Contest, attends the University of Salford in Manchester, England. His full catalog is here.


paulbrazill said...

Luvverly and, indeed, jubberly.

Anonymous said...


Ted said...

The courage to say hello. Seems so simple on the face of it.

Well done.

David H. said...


Anonymous said...

This is lovely...and a wee bit spooky.