What's the Point?

by Amy Munday

I fall asleep at work everyday but instead of firing me, the boss suggested I get counseling; "You're depressed," he told me. On our first visit, the counselor asked me questions about my life, then told me, "All your problems revert back to an unhealthy childhood and I want to help you move on, therefore, able to live a better life, that is the point of seeing me." She didn't understand when I explained I like my life, I'm happy, work is boring, so I sleep. The counselor disagreed vehemently demanding, "You need to find someone to look up to if you're bored, perhaps less video games, call a family member, you are troubled, sir, not happy." I stood up and smiled at the poor woman, which confused her, then I walked to the doorway, turning slightly before walking out to tell her, Happiness is the only true rebel, thank you for proving my point. I continue to sleep at work, only now I have special medical benefits.


Amy Munday, an American, lives in Verona, Italy. She has a professional writing degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (Class of '04).