Once Upon a Train

by Molly Gaudry

Kate eyed John in the meal car and, because he looked lonely, invited herself to a bite of his blueberry pie. It tasted like other people's smoke. After, she invited him to buy her Ketel after dirty Ketel until she was tired of eating bleu-cheese stuffed olives, at which point she invited him to race her to her room: "Ready... Go!" Smoke trailed them like a duckling. Finishing first, on top, she got off. It was like this that they lived happily for several days, sharing bowls of flakes with blueberries for breakfast, drinking blueberry champagne, eating blueberry-drizzled loins and flanks of pork and steak.


Molly Gaudry co-edits Twelve Stories, solo-edits Willows Wept Review and Willows Wept Press, and is a recent addition to the Keyhole Magazine editorial team. Find her here.