High Five

by Stevan Milentijevic

I stepped off the train and went for the tunnel that connected platforms, looked down the stairs and was confronted with the herds morning stampede coming fast at me. Bewildered, I hugged the hand rail and took it one step at a time into the tunnel below. I crept around the corner and edged along the wall moving against the current of black suits, then up ahead I saw you with arms crossed, all fed-up, leaning on the wall in silent protest. You were blocking my only path through so I slowed my pace further, gave a you a sympathetic smile and leaned against the wall with you. Some strange moment of mutual understanding while a mass of zombies hurry past. Then you laughed, motioned to move on and raised your hand as you went by: "Give us a high five mate" - I obliged.


Stevan Milentijevic wants to be a hermit.