The Cemetary

by Oceana Setaysha

We went to the cemetery yesterday to show the world we remembered her even though she was so long gone. Our flowers brightened up the dreary scene of faded plastic and broken vases. I looked out over the rows of tombstones speaking vaguely about the people below them who probably deserved a lot more to sum them up. As I knelt to arrange the flowers symmetrically I was overcome with shivers and I wondered what far off person had walked over my grave and whether they had thought about me the same way I thought about her now. We stood in silence for a little while, all pondering our own thoughts about life and death and what was to come. As we left I placed a flower bud on the tombstone of a child whose vases were cracked and broken and whose toys were old and faded, hoping his parents had not forgotten him.


Oceana Setaysha, author of Accidentally on Purpose, is a 16 year old girl living with her family at the top of Australia. She considers herself a writer, a poet, an artist, and a musician. (People keep telling her to be more realistic.) Her website is here.