Accidentally on Purpose

by Oceana Setaysha

At the time the offer had been innocent enough. Just one grilled cheese sandwich when it was raining outside to make you feel better. As you sat, drowning in obscene amounts of homework, you didn't even think of the consequences of your answer, saying only "yes" and dreaming of the warmth of a grilled cheese sandwich sitting happily in your tummy. Later, as you deposited the contents of your stomach and everything you had ever eaten down the toilet, you considered your situation and made a promise that you would never accept a grilled cheese sandwich with "no strings attached" again. When your strength returned you went to seek the creator of that grilled cheese sandwich for closure... and revenge. They said it was an accident but you still wondered.


Oceana Setaysha, author of The Day My Best Friend Died, is a 16 year old girl living with her family at the top of Australia. She considers herself a writer, a poet, an artist, and a musician. (People keep telling her to be more realistic.) Her website is here.


Madam Z said...

Yipes! I always thought grilled cheese sandwiches were safe. From now on, I won't accept one unless there are "strings attached."

I hope you get your revenge, Oceana.

Joe said...

Great perspective and great writing. Keep at it, you're good.

Anonymous said...

i taste the cheese and long for the crusty bread. only sixteen, to boot...keep it going.