The Day My Best Friend Died

by Oceana Setaysha

I never even heard the mobile phone sound with the SMS that would crush me into a million pieces. I was downstairs watching a meaningless comedy program on the idiot box which has forever embedded itself on the walls of my skull like a primitive novel carved by the cavemen of times long ago. That SMS that would change my life in so few words, that said my best friend, my little baby, was being put to sleep because he was misunderstood and I wasn't there to understand him. The SMS that told me in its unfeeling, digital words containing meaningless apologies that screamed at me from the happy glowing screen I would grow to hate. It said the needle would be injected at 12 o'clock, but when I looked at my watch I found it was already too late for me to stop it. What hurt the most is I never got to say goodbye.


Oceana Setaysha is a 16 year old girl living with her family at the top of Australia. She considers herself a writer, a poet, an artist, and a musician. (People keep telling her to be more realistic.) Her website is here.