The Innocent Ones

by Spiritwolf

In our society there are innocent ones that are either being abused or being killed. These innocents need our help and they can't wait much longer. Our society needs to think about how they view and treat these innocents. There are millions of these innocents out there right now needing your help, but the best way to help is to spay and neuter your pets. The main innocents that need help are the stray cats and dogs that are running our streets, and I don't mean killing them either. We need to find them homes, because most are abandoned or lost pets.


Spiritwolf is a 38 year old woman from Oregon.


Anonymous said...

I think the source code to the program that produced this "art" would be more interesting than the result of just running it once.

Joe said...

Very well said and nicely done. I've seen some people this year that could benefit from the same, unfortunaetly.

Ian said...

My morning paper has a story about the number of 'unwanted' animals, given as presents, that have already been handed in to shelters. They're the lucky ones. And we treat people the same... sorry, rant over. Good six.

teeta said...

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