by Crorey Lawton

Cattywompus - there was simply no other way to describe the scene atop the counter. David smiled to himself as he sipped his morning coffee, waiting on his roommate John to come through the door. The door burst open, and John flung himself into the scene to play his unknowing part in the daily ritual, pouring himself a cup of coffee as words tumbled out of his mouth. "Have you looked at the weather 'cause it looks like it might rain and we need to make sure the truck tires are all checked since all of our off-road driving might have punctured a hole, and hey, have we got breakfast started?" John's hands moved relentlessly across the counter, unconsciously straightening, aligning, and centering each container that had been studiously disarrayed moments earlier, and all the while his voice continued a to-do list of things that had occurred to him during the night. David allowed himself another smile and another sip of coffee before wading in for the day.


Crorey Lawton, author of Hooked, builds levees and digs mounds. You can read a journal of his project in Guatemala here.


Baby Island said...

David is a very bad boy! I think I'd like him. ;)

mgirl said...

I worked with someone like John, and had an occasional smile as David did. Great description in your six!