i've got the power

by Scott Noe

one saturday a few years ago, i went to work to wrap up some loose ends that were due the following monday. the only other person in the building was someone from the mailroom who was trying to make a copy of something but couldn't get the copier to work, so she asked me for help. upon remembering the first rule of tech support, i asked her if the machine was on, and she said yes. then i asked her if she had just turned it on, and explained that sometimes it takes a while to warm up before it will do anything. she said it was on when she got there, and i realized that this situation required my getting up to check on it myself. we went to the copy machine to try to diagnose the problem and i immediately remedied the situation by reaching behind the machine and turning it on.


Scott Noe, author of lost cause, is rich in Vitamin C and Potassium.


Catherine said...

Ha - Don't ya just hate that!?

Madam Z said...

I *love* it! Especially the title.