lost cause

by Scott Noe

as we sat there that night of eighth grade, feverishly creating agitprop for a cause we deemed as worthy as any, my friend and i had no idea of the looming implications of our actions. the next day between classes, we hung up our makeshift posters in the stairwells at opposite ends of the school and awaited an inevitable response. a few hours later, we heard the voice of the principal himself blaring over the intercom about vandalism and destruction of school property. there was a threat of suspension if the guilty persons were ever discovered. my friend and i reconvened at one of the crime scenes after class and noticed that our posters - the love labors of our previous night's political endeavor - had been removed. thus, within twenty-four hours of its inception, the smurf liberation front had met its demise.


Scott Noe is recommended by four out of five dentists.


Madam Z said...

Some principals have no principles. I hope your youthful idealism wasn't snuffed by the failure of the smurf liberation.

Lisa M said...

Some principals are real hard-asses!