Assault Leftover

by Louise Yeiser

I hesitated, feeling the sky and the hill and the street — so huge, so endless and so wrong that I couldn’t catch my breath. A pain sliced my chest, left side, and doubled me over. Slowly I backtracked to the door, opened it and let myself back in, sinking to the floor to rest until I could breathe again. Maybe it’s a little too soon, I thought, willing myself not to cry. I can try again tomorrow. In my mind, I had already crawled back into my best friend’s bathrobe and was curled in a corner, on her couch.


Louise Yeiser, whose full catalog is here, is a freelance writer, living, working and breathing in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. She always offers Sneak Peeks.


Madam Z said...

Hey Weezy, welcome back!

Nice six, and yes, "try again tomorrow." It'll be a little warmer and the daffodils will be blooming.

Louise said...

Aha! I did! And Rob printed it!