Blue Genes

by Madam Z

Brown-eyed Sadie married brown-eyed Stanley when she was eighteen years old and knew almost nothing about genetics. Nine months and one day later, she gave birth to sweet little blue-eyed Suzie, which unleashed a torrent of brown-eyed smirks from various brown-eyed in-laws, and finally, a narrow-eyed question to Sadie from Stanley. Her response was an unqualified “NO; how could you ever think such a thing, boo-hoo, sob, sob,” and then a quick trip to the library to check out a book by Gregor Mendel. Let’s see... okay, everyone has two eye color genes, one from each parent, brown is dominant, so if one gene is brown the kid will have brown eyes, no matter how blue the other gene is, because blue is recessive, but the kid can still pass that blue gene on to his or her kid, uh-huh, and if that kid gets two blue genes, one from each parent, he or she will definitely have blue eyes! Sadie clearly remembered her Grandma Slotkin’s blue eyes, thus explaining the sneaky little recessive gene on her side, so she asked Stanley if he could think of anyone, anywhere, in his family who had blue eyes, and wouldn’t you know it, he had a blue-eyed Great-Grandma! Two years later, Sadie gave birth to sweet little blue-eyed Sammy.


Madam Z, whose full catalog is here, does not have time to worry about the recessive gene in the economy, because she’s too busy trying to dominate her alter ego, which insists on posting untruths in her blog.