Life: A Short Story

by Zietoad

My mother used to sing me this song. Life is short. Life is shit. And soon it will be over. It will be true. This time tomorrow.


Zietoad is unemployed, but finds enough money to drink full time.


Joe said...

Concise, well-written and well said. Reminded me of early Bukowski. Keep writing, we'd like to see more.

Anthony Shepherd said...


This is a nice little piece of plagiarism. Thanks for making a mockery of this entire Six Sentence operation while lessening the value of human worth. Let’s hope the Kids In The Hall writing team forgives you, Thief!

Bob Clay said...

This reminds me of a standard joke we had when I was at sea. On a ship you don't like, with bad food and pay off day a long way off, you write a letter home.

Dear Mum,
Life's a bastard.

to which you get the reply...

Dear Son,
So are you.

Keep it up ... best to laugh all the way down the plughole.