Why Me?

by Darrick Scruggs

I'm probably not the only one that asks that question from time to time. The reason I used to ask that question was that I was sick and unhappy all the time. The first question I would always ask, maybe it was more of a request: Lord why do you make me so irritable all the time, please let me stop scratching. Lord why me, I have enough problems, I am short with little to no self confidence, why would you make my hair fall out, Lord why me, have I not had enough problems, why would you make me lose vision in my right, Lord why me? Lord why me, I have had problem after problem, now you have given a more potent dose to my daughter, she has a more severe form of atopic dermatitis and it has cause her to be put on steroids at an early age and her growth was stunted due to the extended use of steroids, why me? Now as an adult with a beautiful wife, a beautiful family and a great business as a motivational speaker and small business coach, I ask the Lord why not me.


Darrick Scruggs offers information on how to overcome adversity and obstacles here.


Joe said...

Very nicely said. Something we can always ask instead of feeling sorry for ourselves. We must get up and do for ourselves before we can do for others. A great message.

mgirl said...

That is so great when we can turn it all around, and it seems that those with the worst can sometimes come out with the best! Thanks and good luck.