by Robert Aquino Dollesin

Doreen fed the slot machine another nickel, and then she pulled the handle and watched the wheels spin. She clapped as one, two, three genies lined up, all in a row. While the coins cascaded into the tray, Doreen's husband returned. He leaned forward with his mouth against her ear, revealing how much he'd lost at the poker tables. For a moment Doreen sat open-mouthed, unbelieving, and then she scrambled off her stool, fanned her flush face with her fingers and screamed. The woman sitting beside Doreen elbowed her companion, whispering, Seven lousy bucks and that woman's peeing her pants?


Robert Aquino Dollesin, author of Bagged, currently resides in Sacramento, California. He delves into fiction as both a reader and writer.

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Joe said...

Reading stories-and writing them-is a gamble in itself, but not this story. This story was a winner from the first sentence with the jackpot in that last line. Horse racing has the same effect! You win a quinella for a few bucks and you think you've hit it big. LOL