by Robert Aquino Dollesin

After I nearly strangled my twin brother Michael for lying to my girlfriend (for telling her he was me), our parents restricted me to the house for a month. Two days before my sentence ended Michael came in from the meadow, his fingers wrapped around the knot of a plastic bag with something snapping inside of it. He crossed the room, sat on the sofa beside me and held his catch in front of his face. I saw clearly the square mouth and hair-thin legs of the green grasshopper as it pounced against the bag’s clear surface again and again in an effort to escape. Michael flicked the bag with a finger, further exciting his victim, and then looked over at me and said, "That girlfriend of yours, Margaret Connelly, sure has a soft handful underneath her blouse." I clenched my fists and drew it back to clobber my brother, but Michael shot the plastic bag up between us, and said, "Careful... a lot can happen with Margaret during the next month."


Robert Aquino Dollesin currently resides in Sacramento, California. He delves into fiction to break the monotony and demands of real life responsibilities.


Bob Jacobs said...

Nicely done, Robert. Good to see you here.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, just found this site. Seems very well done, bravo. Perhaps a bit..."inspired" by OneSentence.org? Either way, I hope this takes off into the stratosphere, I can never get enough of these sites.