by mgirl

Familiar words from a song drift up to my ears from the TV downstairs. Remember, remember. My mind is much more lucid now; the fog has lifted after all the years of multicolored prescriptions, with adjusted doses, depending on my mood and pain level. Going from a handful a day to a just a few, I make a contract with myself to deal with the pain. Now I can see the clearing through the brush, the air is so revitalizing, the singer’s name comes into my memory bank. Alvin Bishop, Fooled Around and Fell in Love, oh some songs are better left in the dark.


mgirl, author of Lost Words, loves to read and write, is from Canada, is forty something and has just become a Grandma. Both of her children have moved out and she spends most of her time now reading, writing and in the garden.


Bob Jacobs said...

I like this, mgirl.

Teresa said...

Funny! And I know what you mean about those songs. :)

Joseph Lupoli said...

I like this well written submission. And I can identify with the musical meds thingy. It's been a game of adventure I've been forced to play ever since I stopped drinking ten-years-ago. Keep up the good work!

Joseph Lupoli