The Slow Bleed

by Swell Classy Dame

She walked into the casino that night and the ice in my drink took a dive. I heard her call for it "long and strong" and I knew just what she meant. Sure, I'd be safer in an alley with a dead button and an angry torpedo squirtin' metal than cornered by that dame in a swanky get-up. But here I am. And the sucker who's been layin' out twenty-five bucks a day for me to catch his wife with her lover just walked in. Guess he won the hard way: his gum-shoe and the back door man came up snake eyes.


Swell Classy Dame is a pseudonym for Cat Robson, a writer living in Santa Barbara, California. She's currently finishing a noir novel set in Hollywood during the blacklist of the late 1940's, and also sells vintage clothing. She has even been known to return now and then to the present day to pay the odd bill or visit friends.


Anonymous said...

This writer has the ability to set a mood and create intrigue! I'd love to read more.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Nick Danger. He's such a tool.

Anonymous said...

This writer is really great!

Bob Jacobs said...

Love the voice. Great 6S.