First Kiss

by Belinda Furby

I arrived at Tioga Elementary School ready for Mrs. Zimmerman’s kindergarten class with a pink satin pillow and the frayed pink and baby blue afghan Mime crocheted for my first birthday; I also had the standard red and blue plastic sleeping mat, a bag full of the requisite school supplies, and the ever needful “healthy snack.” My long, straight brown hair was pulled into two tight “piggy-tails” on either side of my head with perfectly straight, just-trimmed bangs hanging across my forehead. After a morning of reciting our addresses, phone numbers, and parents’ occupations (Daddy – electrician, Momma – secretary), it was time for us, and more importantly, for Mrs. Z, to rest before moving on to our numbers and letters. The cutest boy in class (blond-haired, blue-eyed David Weir) followed me around the room as I found a spot for my mat and, placing his just next to mine, asked for a kiss. Of course, I, trained already to be a true Southern belle, was shocked and heartily denied him the privilege; with great dignity and hauteur I relocated my mat. But, after three more moves, I finally relented, because, well, I needed my rest after all; at this rate I was never going to get to sleep!


Belinda Furby, who told us of The Night the Lights Went Out, is a mom, wife, and wanna-be writer.


Bob Jacobs said...

Nice one, Belinda.

austere said...

cute, in a pink dress and ribbons way and I can see the rest of her life in this six as well.