in which the intensity is high

by srchngformystry

last week, i go to him willingly, as always. but this time, it is different. we had not been able to do anything the week prior, so this time, we are both hungry. we come together, slowly, each kiss sweet and lovely, then turning passionately and erotic. it is always the first kiss that entices me, and once are bodies are close, we cannot seem to part more than a foot from each other. we spend a long time kissing, a conversation that conveys more than any words can say about how we have been during the week apart, about how i have missed him, and about how he may have missed me, too.


srchngformystry, author of adjustments, loves intensity. sometimes, there is intensity here.


Bob Jacobs said...

You can write at a time like this? Pheweee. Keep up the good work.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Ah, kisses the source of everything good and bad, nice story.