by srchngformystry

it's a lot of negotiating, i've found, when i have a discussion with myself about where this life is headed. what stays, what goes, what needs to be pursued, what needs to be left behind. while it is wildly exciting thinking and dreaming of all the possibilities, it is also lonely. there's a sadness in that solo effort. and it is solo, isn't it, regardless of who is making the decision with me. after all, i'm the one who has to initiate the changes, figure out logistics, etc., even if i'm involved with someone, ultimately, the decision is internal... and it is mine.


srchngformystry is still in negotiations. curiosity will lead you here.


Bob Jacobs said...

Nice 6S, and spot on.

Madam Z said...

How true! Thanks for the intense reminder.

GrizzBabe said...

You're so right about this journey being solo. Regardless of how many people you have in your corner advising you and rooting you on, you're the only one who can execute. That's a very lonely feeling.