Executive Decisions

by Simon Stratton

It was five-thirty on a Friday and time to go home, but I had to consider who I was going to promote this year. There was only one position and two people had applied. Jill, who was a competent employee, had walked dog poo through my house when I had held a social evening a few months ago. However, on the plus side, she had remarked positively on my light-hearted poster for the event. John, the other applicant, was easily the hardest working and proactive member of my team. Then again, he hadn't laughed at my witty comment in the office Christmas card, so... maybe I had missed something.


Simon Stratton, author of The Breakup, attended Manchester University.


Bob Jacobs said...

Promote Jill, but don't invite her to any future social gatherings at your house (though you could invite her to gatherings elsewhere). John is dull, dull, dull, but hard working, so leave him in his current role working hard.

Madam Z said...

Hmmm. Competent suck-up, or hard-working dullard. That's a tough one. Yeah, just go with Bob's advice. Or, better yet, hire Bob!

Ian said...

Jill – she still had the courage to apply after fouling your house. Oh, and brush up on your witty sayings. ;-)