Horses Fly with Broken Wings

by Shonali Bhowmik

Wearing down the city sidewalks; dressing up without her lights. Fearless faces peeking from the platform; count the shareholders and make a wish. The minutes keep marching by and by, waving at the crowd; hear them sigh. They're smarter than us; well, I don't mind. I've been wrong before; I've seen horses fly. And when they take off, casting spells with broken wings; I'm not surprised.


Shonali Bhowmik, author of Vampire in a Dirty City, is the leader of the band Tigers and Monkeys. This piece comes from the lyrics of "You Know," a song on their latest release, "Loose Mouth." She is also a member of the comedy group The Variety Shac. She pays her bills working as a temporary attorney.


Rion said...

I'm happy with this, yet a little too mystified. Draw the lines a little clearer and I'll send a big hurrah.

glenda said...

Love the video!!!